[artists] tommaso cosco

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Turra [afe120mcd]

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"In the house where I live, a fire-place continually warms my own intimacy during wintertime, while my wife spreads sweet gastronomical scents of real mediterranean nature as I capture the flights and rests of the birds in the garden with my eyes.

In silence I listen to the beating of time that scans each and every of my emotions for all the smallest particles and instants of my perceptions.

When I have the chance I go to Archiaro, a countryplace where memory and becoming merge in a present full of inspired consciousness.

Gratitude lives in my existence and it keeps me in touch with the pulses of silences that pour inside my body where I keep the "Knots" of R.D. Laing, the "Moses and Aaron" of Jean-Marie Straub, the sounds of Morton Feldman, the movements of turtles and a trove where I hope to give shelter to all God's creations."

"Turra", a collaborative work between Andrea Marutti and Tommaso Cosco was released by Afe in October 2008.