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andrea marutti / tommaso cosco: turra

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website, usa, august 2009

"Turra" is a single long conceptual piece that can be thought as a derivative / sound musical approach to the concept of askesis, I do not mean aescetism but interior activity or communication of the soul and the will which are beyond ordinary codified communications. In fact the initial material of this recording features the human voice.

In this experimental piece, the voice is not perceived as a vehicle of language and is not involved in words (narratives). This is not a thinging voice but a spiritual respiration of the soul and of the body, in the service of life under cathartic proprotions (functional liberation of the spirit).To be precise, it is an investigation into the geneaology of the soul through deep visceral emotions.

The original voice source of the practitioner is treated in studio by electronic equipments and effects that give to it an otherwordly-droning flavour. For the listener this spiritual-cathartical exercice turns to a fascinate meditation on physical sounds. A musical quest for cultivating the soul, a musical quest for freedom. Music about the deepest thruths of life.

[Philippe Blache]