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andrea marutti / tommaso cosco: turra

chain d.l.k. []
webzine, italy, february 2009

Enchanting release here and it's a 3" MiniCD that ties the knot between Andrea Marutti (a.k.a. Amon / Never Known / Afe head chief) and Tommaso Cosco that, yes, is an absolute new comer as a musician, but every once in a while organizes shows in Archiaro, a beautiful natural place in the south of Italy.

For what regards the aesthetic result of this long track I'll cut it short by saying the heavy hand of Marutti in the production stage is clearly detectable in a split second, but be it I know a little bit of history of this recording, be it you can read it along with the inner lines of the artwork (written by Tommaso Cosco himself) you will convey with me some stories behind this or that release make them even more interesting.

Being the natural extension of Marutti's "The Subliminal Relation Between Planets" that came out a while ago on Nextera, you probably may have deducted it's an ambient otherworldly effort, but what gives more and more points to the work is how Cosco assembled his sounds for this collaboration.

I can't say exactly what a "Turra" is but at this point (and from the pictures) I imagine it's some kind of ancient house made of stones that farmers and shepherds probably used as a shelter/warehouse. Cosco did the most intelligent thing an untrained experimentator can do by leaving his instinct go boom and explode, this guy probably took confidence with the room, the natural reverb and with the microphones and he did it throwing in all of his intuition.

After this bunch of instructions / informations on how the majority of the sounds have been produced, what I wrote so far could anticipate a variety of "music concrete, electro-acoustic / primitive" piece: no way! It's ambient, heavy ethereal and atmospheric ambient that voices the stones the walls have been made of.

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