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ur + craig hilton: i will be the light

vital weekly []
newsletter, the netherlands, march 2009

A joint fascination for the work of Maurizio Bianchi brought Ur in contact with Craig Hilton, who did a collaboration with Bianchi. Ur sent Hilton four different takes of music and asked him to work freely with that. The title comes from Timothy Leary, about his ashes sent into space.

The whole Bianchi link is not very difficult to hear in the three pieces. Unlike Ur on their own, which have a more gritty, lo-fi electronic sound, this is more of a digital processing kind. The metallic sounds are filtered and re-processed into a new world of its own. Floating like rusty space ships - to stay on the thematic approach of the title, moving and humming.

A bit like Organum's early works, but then covered with electrically charged dust. A very fine work, more refined that the previous Ur release, and the industrial music of the 21st century. Chilling.

[Frans de Waard]