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mirko uhlig: supper

wonderful wooden reasons []
website, u.k., april 2009

In case it hadn't been noticed before I really do love a good drone. One note stretched to infinity is pretty much my aural nirvana (although I am also very partial to a good acid-fried freak-out) and so the drone stuff I get sent does tend to be listened to with fairly eager ears, the other stuff too but, if I'm being totally truthful, my day definitely perks up if a parcel lands on my mat by someone I know is also partial to making minimal use of the notes available to him or her.

This is particularly true when it's by someone I know is going to produce something wonderful. Mirko Uhlig's subtle, shadowy, rolling drones first crossed my path via his "The Nightmiller" release on Belgium label Mystery Sea.

"Supper" continues where it's predecessor left off. It's a stunning album of tightly controlled tonalities slowly winding a meandering path to it's chosen destination. Nothing you can do will hurry this album along. If you give it too much focus it seems to slow down almost to a complete halt. It's best to just relax into it and allow it to carry you along.

Uhlig introduces new sounds, colours and textures with such calm dexterity that often it is impossible to notice their arrival until you are utterly caught up in them. As before, this is a stunning album that you should seek out post haste.

[Ian Holloway]