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tiziano milani: im innersten

musique machine []
webzine, u.k., august 2009

Tiziano Milani is an Italian based experimental artists who mixes together sound art, ambience and drone textures, improv, electro acoustics, and slight noise tendencies into shifting, dreamy and varied long form sound paintings that he calls acoustic architecture. "Im Innersten" is the project's fifth release and his first on the always rewarding and consistent Afe label.

On offer here are three lengthy tracks with each hitting near or just over the 20 minute mark. The tracks sort of drift, swell and slowly bob along in a rather appealing dreamy manner; tranquil and harmonic vibe slow rain drifts into piano tinkles, onto electro sound improv, through to distant conversion hum, onto brooding ambient synth buzz and static detail and this all happens with-in the first track.

The pace is kept slow, languid and thoughtful through-out all three tracks; track two is the only track that features fairly present and consistent rhythmic elements; but there done in quite a quirky almost improv world music meets glitch fashion.

"Im Innersten" offers up three artistically and slowly shifting soundscapes that really require multiple listens to understand and take in all that Tiziano Milani is trying to put across; a very clever, varied yet challenging album worthy of your time.

[Roger Batty]