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brian lavelle: ustrina

gothtronic []
webzine, the netherlands, june 2009

Afe Records releases high quality ambient and drone recordings. Perhaps like the Taâlem label is recognised for, only a tad darker overall.

Brian Lavelle is a Scottish sound artist who is releasing music since 1996. He already had a release on Afe Records, but also on Taâlem among others. Seeing what labels he released music on, it's practically a given that his music is based on drones.

On "Ustrina" he creates one long soundscape (with a different track title, "Pyre Nullity") of around 68 minutes. The track uses a lot of deep drones to great effect. The music sounds very spacey, with here and there industrial elements. It's actually quite a brilliant sound work that doesn't bore through its entire duration.

Here and there I had to think about the industrial spaces of Swiss artist H.R. Giger. I could say a lot more, but it's better to listen to it yourself. A vastly immersive soundscape which evolves around your ears and takes you to a dark and spacey dream place for 68 minutes! A must own!