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steve brand: looking into the other

lunar hypnosis []
webzine, usa, october 2007

Steve Brand has been creating sound and visual art under a litany of names since the 1980s. He is also known for his project Augur, which existed from 1995 to 2003. He has released dozens of albums over the years and "Looking Into the Other" is his second on the Italian label Afe Records.

The music on this album is best described as ambient tribal or drone ritual music or something along those lines. Brand takes a variety of instruments, including flutes, keyboards, bells, medicine drums, cymbals, and his own voice and weaves them in and out of one another to create flowing masterpieces of noise and sound.

This is meditative, almost spiritual music in its most primitive sense. Brand manages to wake up that part of you that longs for days past and lost cultures. Every track on this almost 70 minute long album is beautifully worked, and nothing is done in excess.

These soundscapes will put you in a calm, almost other-worldly state of mind. Sadly, this album is limited to only 100 copies; I urge you to pick one up and be transported by the sounds. (10/10)