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cría cuervos: vor feuerschlünden

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webzine, u.k., june 2009

"A Friendly Edition", or Afe, is a modest proposal (editions are always miniscule - 100 or 150 CD-Rs) with a generous delivery system - always spectacular rectangular cover artwork. Take time to browse through the rich Afe site, which offers a wealth of singular musical experiences.

From only the recent past you'll discover quality work like "Vor Feuerschlünden" by Italian sound artist Cría Cuervos, consisting of two long-form pieces, one in which he seems to have taken recordings of everything that chirrups and spins and buzzes in the natural world and bound them into a tight braid, while on the other he would appear to have discovered the off button to some massive pneumatic machine that we hear slowly, slowly shut down.

[Stephen Fruitman]