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cordell klier: measure here and be now

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webzine, usa, march 2008

Cordell Klier is certainly not new to the music scene, and since 1987 has released music of every variety under the sun. In addition to being a sound artist, he also owns his own label, Doctsect. "Measure Here and Be Now" is his first release on the amazing Afe Records.

This four song forty one minute long album is built upon vast, smooth drones. In effect, it almost is an album of nothingness. Even the artwork on the sleeve it comes in is minimal. However, every sound, every glitch, every minute of noise on this album is carefully calculated and is exactly where it should be.

"Measure Here" is the album opener, and at 16 minutes, the longest piece on the album. Throughout its entirety, a very calm, droning note is heard, while other sounds slowly (and I do mean slowly) fade into and out of hearing. It is amazing how trance-like this track is, and it could almost put you to sleep.

"Be Now" starts out in the same one-note-droning fashion, but eventually a very faint, high pitched frequency can be heard in the background, as a bed of other noises is slowly building upon itself.

The seven minute long "Aware" is my favorite track on the album. For me at least, it gives the feeling of being deep within the ocean, surrounded by vast amounts of water and nothingness. Every once in a while, little fish-like blips of sound tear through, gone as fast as they came. This is definitely the most soothing track on the album as well.

"‘Live" is an interesting track. While the others are mostly calm, droning frequencies, this track explores harsher, more distorted noises. The use of such long, droning sounds certainly makes this album not for the masses. However, if you are very patient and enjoy experimental drones, then try to grab a copy of this album. And I implore you to listen to it with headphones, and several times over; it's the only way to catch some of the little nuances in Klier's work. (8/10)