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cordell klier: measure here and be now

connexion bizarre []
webzine, portugal, november 2007

Track 1: 00:00 - Two soft notes are briefly heard, one after the other, and fade quickly to silence.
~ 00:30 - A quiet mid-range drone rises very slowly for some time.
~ 04:30 - Some subtle background movement is detected.
~ 06:00 - A louder high frequency sound occurs for a few seconds.
~ 09:50 - A sudden high pitch note is heard, as at the start of the track.
~ 12:00 - This is the loudest part of the track.
~ 14:45 - There is that familiar short, high pitch again.

"Measure Here and Be Now", by the multi-talented American experimental artist Cordell Klier, is very minimal ambient. Almost nothing happens, as shown by the above list of events. Luckily, what little does happen is generally pleasing to the trained ear and the tracks move and develop as slowly as the hour hand on a clock.

The second track, "Be Now", is slightly more eventful and even features vague hints of rhythm at certain moments. It is a rougher piece with buzzing insect-like noises, extreme sub-basses and ultrasonic high frequencies, which make for a slightly uncomfortable listening experience.

"Aware" is the fullest and smoothest sounding track on the disc; a deep drone is overlaid by washes of seaside sounds, creating a more emotionally involving result. Finally, "Live" consists of static fuzz with small fluctuations of texture, bringing the whole work to an appropriately understated ending.

So here we have a generally well made and skilfully executed example of a genre that understandably alienates most listeners, but can be very effective when approached in the right way. The 41-minute CD-R is limited to a hundred copies and comes in an attractive card sleeve decorated with a suitably minimal artwork of lines of various colours. If you love the sound of almost nothing, then do seek it out. (7)

[Nathan Clemence]