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ur: triadic memories

chain d.l.k. (2) []
webzine, italy, march 2009

I had not heard of this band, but according to the label's website, Ur is a collaboration between Italian artists Federico Esposito, Mauro Sciaccaluga and Andrea Ferraris. This is interesting experimental soundscapes. The tracks are simply titled "Movement #1", "Movement #2", and "Movement #3". Let's look at each individually.

"Movement #1" is an interesting track, densely layered with looped spoken word samples, what sounds like an abused guitar, and a hell of a lot of feedback. Various elements come to the forefront, only to become submerged in the maelstrom once more. It slowly disintegrates at the end.

"Movement #2" is the shortest track at 7:28 minutes. This one trades harsh noise for dark ambient droning soundscapes. The usual comparisons to Lustmord apply. In some ways, it seems to function as a kind of intermission between the two longer, more involved movements.

"Movement #3" is the most varied of the three and at 20:52 is the longest of the tracks. The main problem with this track is that the intro gets a bit repetitive, with the same loop playing out over the first ten minutes, despite the gradual inclusion of other elements in the track. It isn't until about five minutes in that it begins to get interesting and noisy. About halfway through it begins to revert to the drones of "Movement #2" until it ends at 13:00 minutes in. It picks up again at 15:30, slowly fading in. I expected it to really unload like the first movement at this point, but it never does.

Overall, this is an enjoyable disc. I would recommend it to people that like noisier dark ambient like Inade or Terra Sancta. This disc weighs in at 39 minutes and is limited to 133 copies in odd sized packaging.