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ur: triadic memories

chain d.l.k. (1) []
webzine, italy, february 2007

Named after the Italian esoteric group attended by Julius Evola, Ur are the best newcomers in the Italian industrial underground, as already promised by their self-released CD-R.

Formed by three performers with a HC-Punk background (former and current members of Heartside, Permanent Scar, Burning Defeat, Onefineday, Downright and Kafka), they prefer live performances, so these recordings should reflect quite well what you can expect from a concert of theirs.

The strong "played in real time" feel is surely one of the most interesting qualities of their recordings. "Triadic Memories" (a homage to Morton Feldman?) features three tracks ranging from 7' 28" to 20' 51", and opens with "Movement #1", already featured - with a rougher mix - in their DIY CD-R.

The track is the most noisy and heavy of the lot, with theremin squeals, heavily delayed bass, metallic percussion and looped vocal samples, possibly the most refined characteristic of their sound.

"Movement #2" opts for more ambient, but surely not serene atmospheres: the disquieting spoken samples, drones and loops, and a bleak accordeon, all convey a sense of uneasiness and depression.

The two main currents of Ur's sound (the noisy and the droning one) are well fused in the mammoth "Movement #3", a psychedelic tour de force of theremin loops, pedal galore, accordeon, bells, and vocal mantras.

Ur use their tool well, and know how to dose aggressive bursts and more expanded fragments; their sound could appeal to a wide range of industrial-ambient lovers (especially those into IRM, Non and Throbbing Gristle's soundtracks).

[Eugenio Maggi]