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ninth desert: different trouble experiences of twilight

lunar hypnosis []
webzine, usa, october 2007

From France is Ninth Desert, the latest solo endeavor from Cyril Herry, whom has experience with other bands/projects and has had material released on labels like Athanor and Old Europa Café, to name a few.

Although I'm not familiar with his other works, the debut album from Ninth Desert is within the dark ambient realm of music. The music is generally slow paced drony ambient with not much melody, but still invokes the feeling of fear as I listen to these five lengthy compositions.

Of course the music isn't completely drone based as there are some interesting additions. For example in "Headscape" there is an odd creaking-like sound present during parts of it, "Combinations From a Persistent Night" has the sound of some sort of mechanical mechanism buzzing away during the late or early hours of day.

"Somewhere Close To the Skin" has the sound of metal chains clanking against the floor and a ever growing percussive sound, while the final two songs are more tamed down and rely mostly on slow drones of sound.

I would have to say that Cyril really knows how to construct dark haunting layers of music that results in one chilling experience. "Different Trouble Experiences of Twilight" is definitely recommended for ambient lovers that appreciate the darkest aspects of the genre.

[JJM, 8/10]