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the impossible flower: anthophobia

musique machine []
webzine, u.k., october 2008

The Impossible Flower is the solo project of Glasgow based Andrew David Daly and "Anthophobia", his third album, is an enjoyable - if not that original - mix of IDM, Drill'n'Bass and electro sound tracking.

Throughout the album's nine tracks and fifty minutes running time, you can hear traces of The Aphex Twin at his more quirky, dayglow and low grade, Bola-like beats, hits and cinematic tone, Brothomstates beat traces and quirky edge, along with elements of an host of other IDM artists, with Daly also adding in some nice atmospheric emotional stained piano elements.

And though Daly is hardly doing anything new here, he breeds every track with great flare, passion and sonic conviction, making enjoyable and effective IDM that goes from being playful and dayglow to atmospheric and edgy.

Really, if you miss the IDM glory days of Warp Records that ran from the early 90's till early 2000's, you need to pick this up, but be quick because - as usual with Afe Records - it's limited to 100 copies.

[Roger Batty]