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bestia centauri: the antediluvian earth

static signals []
webzine, usa, september 2003

Bestia Centauri explores a vast, thematic world in the churning, vibrant electronic work "The Antediluvian Earth". Spacious synthetic textures of moaning, resonant tones, pulsing harmonics and nervous electronic murmurs assemble an immense digital terrain that is simultaneously elemental and celestial... chaotic and structured... indistinct... visionary.

The living, crawling sonorities that infuse "The Antediluvian Earth" mutate and materialize into a detailed and potent album that leaves a listener unsettled, pensive... and finally astonished.

Huge washes of ambient tapestry descend and fold in slow motion, suffocating the millions of tiny insects crawling beneath a dark, convulsing soil. Organ-like synth drones moan, build, crescendoing into clusters that swallow themselves, sinking into nothingness.

Specks of glimmering metal splatter and multiply across this primordial landscape, assembling into dark and glassy curtains, shimmering, growing and finally dissolving. A lone entity howls across the pain of the surrounding metamorphasis.

Self-referenced is the influence of early modern composers Ligeti and Xenakis; the influence is notable, as Bestia Centauri aptly applies techniques of dense harmonic clustering and pitch bending to create and release tension, form, structure.

The effect is a tumultuous, organic sound slithering, groping, struggling into ever-mutating lifeforms and structures. There is an inherent macrocosmic-microcosmic tension as smaller sonic entities amass into, and dissipate from, poised and monolithic forms.

Long after the disc stops spinning, echoes of "The Antediluvian Earth" resonate within, blurred memories of a deep and unspoken verse, timeless, expansive, questioning...

[Static Signals]