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bestia centauri: the antediluvian earth

  Artist: Bestia Centauri
The Antediluvian Earth
Format: CD-R ltd. to 150 numbered copies in A5 pro-printed gatefold cardboard sleeve with insert
Tracks: 4
Playing time: 48:12
Release date: February 2003
File under: Avantgarde / Experimental

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Track List:

1.  The Antediluvian Earth  17:36

2.  Ambulant Shadows  9:03

3.  Beneath Exsanguinated Suns  7:34

4.  The Measureless From Caverns Rise  13:57



Bestia Centauri is a solo electronic music project begun in 1999. "The Antediluvian Earth" is this project's newest release and follows "Ubbo-Sathla", the debut EP CD-R released by Somnambulant Corpse Recordings in 2002.

The aim of Bestia Centauri is to create sonic landscapes that convey a sense of the numinous, the horrific, and the extra-human. Its sounds have much in common with those of electroacoustic music, but the compositional structures generally display a much greater sense of flow.

Although Bestia Centauri's music is (to put it mildly) very different, the early releases of Tangerine Dream (circa 1972-1975) remain a tremendous source of inspiration for the composer, along with the orchestral, choral, and organ works of the composers Gyorgy Ligeti (Atmospheres; Lux Aeterna; Lontano) and Giacinto Scelsi. Older works of electroacoustic or tape music, such as the compositions of Basil Kirchin, Tod Dockstader, and Iannis Xenakis, offer the listener another frame of reference.

Unlike the Dark Ambient works to which it is sometimes mistakenly compared, the music of Bestia Centauri is dynamic and often disorienting, like the strange angles of the architecture of R'lyeh.

However, for those who resonate to primal myths of chaos, to Lovecraftian vortices, to the secrets of dark matter, or to the interstices of interstellar chaos, this music will infuse them with energies from Acausal dimensions.

"This is an excellent and most disarming bit of textural ambient"
Industrial.org [more]

"An elusive record with a frightening atmosphere from which it is hard to escape"
Funprox [more]

"Dealing with pre-human life and obscure primordial creatures, the four tracks of the CD-R are like an ever shifting mass, menacing in its undercurrent rumbles and reverberating drones"
Chain D.L.K. [more]

"A great CD-R, surely not to be missed"
Oltre Il Suono [more]

"Bestia Centauri creates sound worlds few sonic explorers can even imagine"
Industrial Nation [more]

"The living, crawling sonorities that infuse "The Antediluvian Earth" mutate and materialize into a detailed and potent album that leaves a listener unsettled, pensive... and finally astonished"
Static Signals [more]