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telepherique + ultra milkmaids: a-c symbiose

chain d.l.k. []
webzine, italy, december 2002

Recorded in 2000-2001 as a collaboration between Y (Ultra Milkmaids) and Klaus Jochim (Telepherique), "A-C [which stands for "Analogic-Computer"] symbiose", released this year by Afe, is a great example of intelligent, unpredictable non-standard electronica.

Analogic bleeps, fat rhythms, drones, noises and interferences collide and are re-composed with the grace and geometrical precision of snowflakes. At times ethereal and wisp-like ("KW feat. Computer Welt"), at times rumbling like the breath of some gigantic machinery ("Jeux 1.2"), they overcome the capital sin of prefabricated sounds (which, alas, is so frequent both in digital and in analogic works) to really build something of their own. Listen to the alien beauty of 22'-long "Computer 3" to have a clue.

Perfect abstract layout on semi-transparent matte paper to top off an excellent release. Afe is really setting some standards in the field of quality cd-r releases. This is limited to 222 copies, so hurry up.

[Eugenio Maggi]