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wolkspurz & ramirez: music for your holidays

chain d.l.k. []
webzine, italy, november 2002

A misterious project coming from Amon / Never Known's personal label, Afe Records. Famous for releasing high collectable and limited CD-R albums, Afe involved the misterious duo (even if I've got some ideas about who they are) into an important project consisting of two releases.

The first is their first album entitled "Music For Your Holidays" and the latter is the colossal "Teddy Bear Remix Project" which consist of a four CD-Rs boxset limited to 100 numbered copies with pro-printed artwork and gadgets that contains 64 versions of Wolkspurz & Ramirez's original title track created by some 60 musicians and djs from all over the world and covers each and every known (...and unknown...) style of electronic music from Synth-Pop to Click'n'Cuts through Ambient, Noise, Minimal Electronica, Computer Music, Techno, etc. All this for a total playing time of over 280 minutes.

"Teddy Bear" is the only song with vocals of the whole album and it's a synthpop track with a touch of melancholy. The other fourteen tracks are electronic extravaganza influenced by twenty years of analogic experimentation. Something that goes from early Kraftwerk to modern techno passing through lounge and Jean Michel Jarre's music.

Tracks like "Move Your Feet" crawl insidious between insane melodies and dark atmospheres just to leave the place giving space to the 60's atmospheres a la Peter Gunn of "Grüne Zwiebeln". Each track has something different from the others and explore new genres remaining loyal to the duo's style.

If you are looking for something different to listen to, Wolkspurz And Ramirez are here to stay.

[Maurizio Pustianaz]