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wolkspurz & ramirez: music for your holidays

  Artist: Wolkspurz & Ramirez
Title: Music For Your Holidays
Format: CD-R in A5 pro-printed gatefold cardboard sleeve with insert
Tracks: 15
Playing time: 63:01
Release date: July 2002
File under: Cheap Electronica


Track List:

1.  Music For Your Holidays  0:49

2.  Peters Suppe  4:40

3.  Rat Race  2:43

Teddy Bear 2:30

5.  Da Vibes  0:51

6.  Boomerang Baby [80's Mix]  5:13

7.  Flop  3:09

8.  Move Your Feet  3:27

9.  Grüne Zwiebeln  3:21

10.  Oh! Mi Queridos Pajaritos  4:12

11.  Mein Psychotischen Freunde  2:10

12.  Tesswar  2:48

13.  Walkabout  3:37

14.  Liebeshandel [Boss Mix]  4:10

15. At the End of Cheating  4:16



A few years passed since the day we received Wolkspurz & Ramirez's first demotape.

While the monumental "Teddy Bear Remix Project" was taking shape, Peter Wolkspurz and Andreas Ramirez kept on working on their debut album and now they're ready to fill you homes with some of their best tunes, entirely crafted abusing cheap and not so cheap electronic tools, including of course the gorgeous "Teddy Bear" hit single. 

Forget Simon & Garfunkel and Kruder & Dorfmeister: this is the real thing!

"Electronic extravaganza influenced by twenty years of analogic experimentation"
Chain D.L.K. [more]