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ovum: eld

  Artist: Ovum
Title: Eld
CD-R ltd. to 150 numbered copies in special cardboard package
Tracks: 1
Playing time: 50:56
Release date: December 2004
File under: Dark Ambient / Experimental
Note: This item is sold-out.


Track List:

1.  Eld [excerpt 1] / [excerpt 2]  50:56



Ovum is the main project of Karl Midholm from Sweden, his style may be best described as a mixture of Industrial-Ambient and Drone Music.

Following an incredibly long series of compilation appearances, collaborations, splits and solo works, here at last we have his new full-lenght work.

"Eld" was created in 1999 using recordings of fire as the only sound source. Such recordings were subsequently run through filter banks and effect units, resulting in one fifty minutes long track of evolving beautiful drones that was finalized for production by Andrea Marutti in 2003.

"Eld" was originally intended as part of a various artists set dealing with the four elements that unfortunately was never released. After five years from its creation, it finally see the light of day as another Blade Records / Afe Records limited edition co-production that combines both the labels' attitude for special packages and pro-printed cardboard sleeves.

The original artwork for "Eld" was created by Thomas Ekelund at Nullvoid Design.

"A perfect work for late night listenings"
Chain D.L.K. [more]