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Eld [afe055lcd]

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Ovum is Karl Midholm from Sweden. He started creating electronic music in 1994 using cheap keyboards, drum machines and tape recorders.

The Ovum project was born a few years later, as soon as he got some new equipment and started recording regularly. His first track was released in 1999 on the Cold Meat Industry compilation "Estheticks of Cruelty".

Since then he participated to several compilations, collaborations and split releases, and had about ten solo works released in different formats by many labels around the world, including L.S.D. Organization in the USA and Suggestion Records in Germany.

Ovum’s sound may be best described as a mixture of Industrial-Ambient and Drone Music, where calm soundscapes are often contaminated by rougher elements.

During the years, Karl Midholm has also released music under his own name and with his two side-projects called Tach and Verloch.

"Eld", a conceptual work made using only recordings of fire as sound source, was released as a Blade Records / Afe Records co-production in December 2004.