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never known: dawn of an era

  Artist: Never Known
Title: Dawn of an Era
Format: CD-R in cardboard outer sleeve + inner sleeve with full color printed artwork
Tracks: 12
time: 63:49
Release date: May 1999
File under: Ambient
Note: This item is deleted.


Track List:

1.  Decay  4:25

2.  Ritual of Life  4:47

3.  Ruins  3:33

4.  In Another Garden  4:34

Dawn of an Era  8:13

6.  Doors of Perception  2:49

7.  In the Distance  11:07

8.  Forced and Forged  3:51

9.  Path  6:30

10.  Exercise One  4:31

11.  31 Songs  6:09

12.  Sottacqua  3:21



This is the re-issue of the tracks contained on the original "Dawn of an Era" tape.

All the tracks have been re-worked and re-mastered on purpose of this edition and are presented here in a different form and order than the original release.

In addition to that, this CD-R contains 3 more tracks which were previously unreleased and that are exclusive to this release: "In the Distance", "Forced and Forged" and "Path".

"Materiale che scava nel passato di questo peculiare artista ambientale"
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"Un documento interessante, che descrive la nascita e i primi passi di un autore che da lì a poco sarebbe diventato uno dei punti fermi nel panorama della musica ambient-elettronica italiana"
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