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Our Past Present (Now Then) [afe086mlcd]

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UPhold was formed in 1993 by Muffy St. Bernard, growing out of early-morning radio experiments on CKMS, the University of Waterloo's campus station. Those experiments were honed in the group Mindsculpture (a.k.a. Mind-skelp-cher) and have matured over time.

Right now Muffy is working on an upcoming release with a focus on memories (forgotten, cyclic and falsified) and an ongoing escape from noise (inside and outside).

Muffy is also performing in drag shows and producing a weekly program about classic radio, just to keep busy.

Mistakenly referred to as "GREENman" for many years, UPhold released a stack of cassettes, some through "The Ceiling" label.

During the years, UPhold has worked with Jim DeJong (The Infant Cycle), Neb Rakic (AER), Eli McIlveen (Flickershow), Detlef Burghardt (Fond of the Drone) and Jade (8-Bit Logik), as well as certain unknowing participants who shall remain In-The-Dark forever.

These releases have veered around heavy sequencing, spontaneous noise, sound collages, spoken-word speechifying and the occasional cover song.

UPhold is rarely planned, it usually just happens, growing from an idea and folding into itself until it feels like it's finished... Sort of like an ingrown toenail that doesn't hurt. What does it sound like?
Warm and fuzzy, usually. In all the right ways.

"Our Past Present (Now Then)", a 2 x MiniCD-R 3" split release with The Infant Cycle was released by Afe in April 2007.