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genetic transmission: spiral

gothtronic []
webzine, the netherlands, may 2009

Genetic Transmission is the experimental industrial and noise project of Tomasz Twardawa. He's created a very nice release on the very nice Italian label Afe Records. The last Afe release I reviewed was the brilliant Subinterior album "Mesmerize", so I'm really excited what to expect here!

This album, called "Spiral", has only one track that lasts around 43 minutes. The whole song has a very weird surrealist industrial feel to it, which is at once creepy and beautiful. One of the great things about this release is the crystal clear sound design, you really feel as if you are in a very dimensional space. That dimensional space transforms as the song goes on, at once we are in some abandoned factory, then we seem to be in some kind of Giger-esque industrial underworld, to be transported to some "Hostel" like torture room.

Though the album is sold as a somewhat experimental noise release, it's not real hard noise, at least not in the power electronics sense. It's fairly accessible if you think in noise terms, but it's all very weird and creepy sounding, so it's not something for the masses to masturbate over. However, you as lover of weird industrial soundscapes will!

This is again an excellent release. The album takes you in slowly, and when it's done you want to experience it right away. So, that can only be good. Also the album benefits from crystal clear production values and original sound design. Highly recommended to all lovers of experimental and weird industrial soundscapes!