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mirko uhlig: supper

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newsletter, the netherlands, april 2009

This new release by Mirko Uhlig is a sort of "conceptual reference album", dealing with music Uhlig heard in the past. But which record it is? Hard to tell. "Old Clouds" anyone?

Uhlig has become one of the more interesting sound artists from Germany. His first main work, the self-released "VIVMM" CD-R (this year to be re-issued on LP I believe) was an exercise in drone based music, but he also dabbled with noise, and with this new album he expands his horizon a bit further.

The main backbone is ambience and drones, but there is also bits of guitar music popping up from the world of folk. It seems to me that the main thing here is generated from processed guitars anyway.

Uhlig creates highly atmospheric music, but avoids the pitfalls of regular drone music. He knows how to add surprise elements, interesting changes and sudden moves, and lifts his music out of ordinary and do something that is at large not a new thing, but surely is new exciting enough.

Uhlig doesn't produce that many works but when he does, it's a great one.

[Frans de Waard]