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cisfinitum: nevmenosis

musique machine []
webzine, u.k., april 2009

Cisfinitum sound sits in a wonderful place between chorale and classical based ambience, subtle industrial and electronica elements to make music that's both haunting and beautiful yet at times edgy and head swimming - but it's always captivating and deeply atmospheric.

"Nevmenosis" collects together compilation and split CD tracks from various limited releases over the last few years along with two brand new tracks. But don't let the idea of a collection of odds and end put you off as each of the six tracks on offer here are as graceful, compelling and haunting as each other.

We go from tranquil yet edgy sonic pastures of the "Hermine" which bounds together soothing distant bird song and glitch elements with drifting and wavering Popol Vuh synth string sooth. To the seemingly continuously raising and build harmonic ambient current of "Galene" which seems to be utilizing both synth elements and possible guitar textures - it makes one feel like your been pulled further and further through layers of cloud to an soothing and perfect place.

Or the final track "Oskolok" which is built around rapid yet aged 80's synth patterns and feels like a more barren Boards of Canada meets Philip Glass - with the track being nostalgic, haunting and deeply sad.

Really wherever you drop down in "Nevmenosis" you'll find deeply felt, emotional and creative electronic music and ambience that will sooth, haunt and reward. Yet another rather wonderful release from the Afe label that is sadly limited to only 150 copies.

[Roger Batty]