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never known: once in a lifetime

iem []
webzine, russia, november 2003

Andrea Marutti is the italian musician well known also under the Amon, Spiral and Lips Vago names. Never Known is his first devoted project, producing high-quality dark ambient music.

This album is a collection of his first ever experiments issued under this name, recorded during 1994-96 and originally released as tape albums on Murder Release. Maybe because of this aptly label choice, or even impartially, but it seems to be the more obscure Marutti's work - imagine Murder Corporation going ambient...

But in fact, as far as the music goes, you can hear that the music itself is much more easy and calm, best described as a combination of dynamic trance condition and unsteady soundscapes.

Really impressive association are born and flying from ear to ear: the atmosphere of forest at night, the chill of approaching dawn, or strange mind creatures called to life while walking down the deserted streets and near the abandoned buildings.

Following this particular feelings, you can get stuck or replenish your vacant look with new visions of imaginary world beyond your consciousness. These is no gladness but also no despondency, all emotions are lost in time.

The only secret wish get visible - to stroll pensively along this bank of the river which also indicates the final frontier of the world. The vague remembrance which become closer than the recent dreams obscured by heavily extinguished mind.