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pietro falagiani: summa 1993-1998

  Artist: Pietro Falagiani
Title: Summa 1993-1998
Format: CD-R in transparent jewel case with full color printed artwork
Tracks: 12
Playing time: 37:39
Release date: July 1999
File under: Avantgarde


Track List:

1  Ignis 3:09

2  Byfrost 8:32

3-7 Aurora

I    Hic et Nunc 1:24
II   Immotus Nec Iners 4:41
III  Intra Me Maneo 1:45
IV  Donec Ad Metam 3:37
V   Iterum Rudit Leo 1:43

8-12 La Via del Sole

I    Uttara 1:38
II   Dakshin‚yana 4:20
III  Dakshina 2:14
IV  Uttar‚yana 3:08
V   Uttara 1:25



A Pan / Afe co-production. "Summa 1993-1998" is a selection of tracks composed for orchestra ("Ignis"), Moog analogic synthesizer ("Aurora") and acoustic piano ("Byfrost" and "La via del sole") played on a Clavinova P100 electronic piano.

All the tracks on this release were digitally recorded between August and December 1998.