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a.a.v.v.: beyond the darkness


Artist: A.A.V.V.
Title: Beyond the Darkness
Label: Oltre il Suono [-]
Format: CD-R
Tracks: 12
Playing time: 74:14
Release date: February 2005
File under: Dark Ambient / Ambient

Track List:

1.  NEW RISEN THRONE - Sad Silent Prostrations Before the Monolith  6:04

2.  NEFELHEIM - Alienation  5:37

3.  NEVER KNOWN - Third Waiting  4:53

4.  NIMH - Dark Earth  7:43

5.  CRIA CUERVOS - Hochgobernitz Soliloquy  5:04

6.  SUBINTERIOR - Asynchronism  6:24

7.  ORNAMENT - Train of Revenants  7:50

8.  NORMALITY / EDGE - Answer With Violence  8:15

9.  RAFFAELE SERRA - The Third Mind Part 6  3:58

10.  OPIUM - The Domus  7:40

11.  ALIO DIE & MICHELE BRIEDA - Extract from Suite 1  7:01

12.  LUCA FORMENTINI - Finally  3:43


"Beyond the Darkness" is a valuable summa of four years of firm and untiring web activities, and is born as a collaboration between "Oltre il Suono" and many of the artists featured on its website.

The compilation has a running time of more than 74 minutes and features 12 tracks - most of them unreleased - created by 12 italian artists active in the ambient-electronic-experimental scene.

On this occasion most of them provided dark-ambient pieces, sometimes enriched by more or less marked industrial reminiscences and sometimes closer to the purest forms of ambient music.

The disc starts with New Risen Throne's "Sad Silent Prostrations before the Monolith", a track that showcases a great sense of drama, soon followed by the quieter, but not less dramatic, "Alienation" by Nefelheim, and by Never Known's "Third Waiting", another dark piece pervaded with cyclic waves of low frequencies.

Then it's the turn of Nimh with his "Dark Earth", a track built on tight atmospheres, followed by the static and isolationist "Hochgobernitz Soliloquy" by Crìa Cuervos.

Subinterior's "Asynchronism" is another stunning number filled with rhythmic movements and sounds in the best industrial tradition which introduces the softer, but disquieting, "Train of Revenants" by Ornament.

Industrial elements come back in "Answer With Violence", Normality Edge's long and tight contribution, followed by Raffaele Serra's "The Third Mind part 6", a short track characterized by low frequency pulsations and more electronic sounds.

Opium's "The Domus" features dilated atmospheres typical of pure ambient music just like the more introspective and crepuscular "Extract from Suite 1" by Alio Die & Michele Brieda.

The closing track is by Luca Formentini, his "Finally" is filled with treated guitar discreet melodic arpeggios and is a very effective end to this long sonic journey "beyond the darkness"...*

* Description taken from the Oltre il Suono website