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raffaele serra: digital avatar

  Artist: Raffaele Serra
: Digital Avatar
Format: CD-R in standard jewel case with full color printed artwork
Tracks: 10
Playing time: 57:36
Release date: May 2002
File under: Avantgarde


Track List:

1.  Morning Glory  13:36

2.  Water-Lily  5:14

3.  The Glass Key  5:00

.  Shyama Shastri  2:26

5.  Wooden  4:18

6.  Lok Sabha  1:59

7.  Dark Passage  7:38

8.  Morning Dew  3:50

9.  Choti Dargah  4:22

10.  River Of No Return  9:01




As usual we are very pleased to introduce Raffaele Serra in his latest incarnation... Many times Raffaele has flirted with ethnic references in his compositions, his new solo album fully reveals the great influence that Indian culture has always had on his music.

The disc begins with some kind of long electronic mantra which perfectly settles the mood for what's to come...

Althought no fields recordings are used this time, we can clearly perceive the presence of ethnic elements through the accurate use of Santur, Organ and Tabla sounds.

"Water-Lily" perfectly sums up the philosophy of the whole album and we really can't help to mention that "Digital Avatar" ranks among Raffaele's best ones.

All the tracks on this album were composed, performed and recorded by Raffaele Serra in Winter 2001-2002 at Mekon Studio.

"A disc that deserve to be included in the international electronic music history"
Oltre Il Suono [more]

"A blend of Oriental spirituality and modern technology, a sort of heartfelt prayer"
Chain D.L.K. [more]