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amon / never known: live at molto 08.04.1997 [second edition]

  Artist: Amon / Never Known
Title: Live at Molto 08.04.1997
Format: CD-R in transparent jewel case with full printed color artwork [first 40 copies with
blue transparent jewel case]
Tracks: 7
time: 46:24
Release date: September 2000
File under: Ambient / Dark Ambient


Track List:

1.  Rise of Thermutis  4:00

2.  Khore  6:29

3.  Mopula  4:12

4.  Hiram Roi  9:36

5.  Searching for an Ego  2:19

Scattering the Seeds of Life  9:13

7.  Twilight's Last Gleaming  10:35



This recording was taken at the very first Amon / Never Known concert played at Molto Gallery [R.I.P.], Milan, in April 1997.

First edition was issued in a gaudy gatefold cardboard digipack with inner sleeve.

"I passaggi tra le diverse atmosfere sono eleganti, discreti, misurati; le parti più incisive e sature di suono vengono a formarsi in modo graduale, seguendo un'evoluzione naturale"
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