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Talk Show Host

Releases on Afe:
Sparkle In Grey / A.A.V.V.: The Echoes of Thiiings / Fadiiing Echoes [afe060lcd]

On the web:

Talk Show Host were formed in 2001 when Daniele Cortese and Francesco Lovison discovered the world of electronic music and started, with such a small equipement, producing their first work.

In 2002 Stefano Zatti, who actually provides the group with the video elements, and Enrico Bolzan joined the band.

Shortly after, they self-produced their first demo and took part to the "Spectrum Box Project" which introduced them to the italian electronic music scene thanks to a mutal exchange of works.

In 2003 the netlabel Anomolo produced and distributed their first album entitled "Forms", whose artwork was provided by designer Daniele Koh.

They took part to several compilation projects: SpectruMp3 0.1, Oscillator707 - Suite#1, The Vegetable Man 10", Madrid: a Microsound Project, iXem @ Roma - I Suoni della Narrazione, etc, and performed live during many italian electronic music festivals such as Superfici Sonore #3, Italian Live Media '03, Sonorazioni '04 and Live!iXem.

They joined the iXem and Oscillator707 projects, and through these networks they highly intensified their relationship with many other experimental electronic musicians.

Their new work entitled "Città Sottili" (or "Slender Towns") was released in 2004 by the Ogredung net-label and illustrate an imaginary trip inside the modern metropolis.