[artists] subinterior


Releases on Afe:
Mesmerize [afe108lcd]
The Chrysalis Secret [afe068lcd]
A.A.V.V.: No Abiding Places [afe030lcd]

On the web:

Subinterior is the dark-ambient oriented project of Andrea Freschi from Milan, Italy.

Andrea is part of the band Canaan as drummer and he's also a member of Konau, along with Gabriele Panci (New Risen Throne), whose debut CD was released by Eibon Records in early 2006.

He also played drums on Weltschmerz's "Capitale de la Doleur" and self-released "#10110", the dark-ambient / industrial debut of Coma Divine, one of his side-projects.

Subinterior is a project born from the urge to create tracks using only excerpts taken from the usual noises and sounds that normally surround us.

The equipment he uses to create his compositions consists of a mini-disc recorder that is mainly used to capture atmospheres created by millers, lapping wheel, lathes, industrial refrigeration plants, safety doors and other unusual "instruments".

These recordings are usually massively processed and assembled using computer technology and softwares.

With this simple but effective method, during 2002-2003 he created and self-released two good CD-R albums entitled "Outfall" and "Insomnie". Both of them were re-released by Silentes in late 2005.

His third attempt at creating obsessive and gloomy atmospheres was entitled "Obstacles". It was released in Japan by Deserted Factory in early 2005.

During the years Subinterior's music was featured on some compilations, including "No Abiding Places" on Afe.

A serie of collaborative MiniCD-R 3" with Selaxon Lutberg dedicated to the four seasons was released by Cold Current Prod. in 2006-2007.

The beautifully crafted "The Chrysalis Secret" was released by Afe in April 2006. His newest album entitled "Mesmerize" was also released by Afe in October 2008.