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Rinus Van Alebeek

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A.A.V.V.: Total Blackout [afe072]

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Rinus Van Alebeek is an electronic musician and performer born in Holland in 1956.

His interest in music developed relatively late, having published two books in his home country under the pseudonym of Philip Markus. His first book entitled "The Ancient Path To God" was published in 1991 in The Netherlands and received the prize for best first novel.

His approach to musical improvisation is radical, and often based on sounds captured on his many trips through the U.S., Europe and the Maghreb countries.

During his concerts he mixes and processes many of its tapes with the help of a mixer and effects, creating powerful lo-fi sound collages between noise and pure poetry.

Since 2006 he is promoter and curator of "Das Kleine Field Recordings Festival" in Berlin. His music was released by many labels around the world, including ZH27, Zeromoon, Foreign Lands, White Tapes, conv.net and Palustre.