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Releases on Afe:
Between / Associated [afe044lcd]

Clear Your Consciousness [afe029lcd]
A.A.V.V.: No Abiding Places [afe030lcd]

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Rafal Sadej, the body behind the soul of Moan, was born and brought up in Siemianowice Slaskie, Poland, in the midst of atmosphere and sounds of industrial enviroment of ironworks and coal-mines, producing whole lot of unnatural sounds inscribing themselves into ordinariness of surrounding districts.

You only need to open a window in Rafal's apartament at night in order to realize why there is a such natural intuition of machine harmony in his music.

In Rafal's music you can find a nocturnal silence filled with barely audible distant humming, grating metallic sounds, pulse of the machines and even noise or chaos.

[More details are coming soon...]