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Innervation [afe105lcd]

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"I am a producer/sound engineer/mastering engineer and musician. I do recording, mixing and mastering. I also serve as a studio manager and broadcasting engineer. Relying on my considerable knowledge of the electronic and acoustic sound spectrum I use and abuse sound and music in ways that cross all boundaries.

As a live sound engineer, lighting engineer and technical director I have worked with many international artists, including: Alphaville (Germany), Marc Almond (England), Ozric Tentacles (England), Regina Spector (U.S.A), The Mission (England), The Legendary Pink Dots (England - The Netherlands), Sophya (Israel - The Netherlands), Edguy (Germany), Apoptigma-Berzerk (Norway), Death In June (England), Betzefer (Israel), Useless ID (Israel), Aborted (Belgium), Samael (Switzerland), Ancient Rites (Belgium), Darkane (Sweden), Rotting Christ (Greece), Hocico (Mexico), Melechesh (Netherlands/Israel), Pungent Stench (Austria), Nightmare (France), Oren Ambarchi (Australia), Stephen O'malley (U.S.A), Attila Csihar (Hungary), Twilight Singers (U.S.A) as well as other well known and less known artists.

I was a freelance writer in such well-known zines as Metal Hammer Israel and Dofek. Currently I am the editor of the web based alternative music webzine www.alternative-zine.com, I'm also a D.J. for many well-established clubs and special radio programs.

My work as a sound and lighting engineer also contributed to my development as an experimental and adventurous musical composer. I'm involved in such multi-textured and genre-hopping projects such as the atmospheric Sleepless, the highly aggressive and varied Vultures, the dark wave EBM band I.W.R, the dark black noise project Thy Mesmerized, as well as being the sole creator of such avant-garde solo projects as, Vectorscope, Lunisolar and Screening.

My musical ventures expand to more metallic bands such as the doom infested Moonskin, for whom I play bass and compose most of the music and lyrics. I have done various musical collaborations with: Maurizio Bianchi, Kenji Siratori, Clint Listing, The Hollowing (Matt Gibney - R.I.P), Tom Davidov.

I have also taught sound engineering in schools and served as an advisor and consultant for Tel Aviv University and other well-known establishments.

Mostly motivated by a sheer need to create, my musical horizons are constantly expanding into a multifaceted beam of musical styles and influences."

"Innervation", the third collaborative work between Maor Appelbaum and Maurizio Bianchi, was released by Afe in October 2008.