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Musicforshipwrecks [afe117lcd]

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Alistair Crosbie (born 1973) is a Scottish musician primarily concerned with sound processing.

He began playing music whilst at school, initially learning the guitar but began to pursue a more experimental line in 1993 when he and Brian Lavelle founded Inversion, a constantly shifting exploration of sound with a small clutch of cassette releases on labels such as Chocolate Monk and Freedom From.

In 2000, he began to work with rhythm programming and computers, creating the project d/compute and releasing an EP and a full-length album on John Charles Wilson's Mouthmoth label. This project concluded in 2003 when Crosbie came to feel that he had done as much as he could within that format.

Today, Crosbie's main instrument is still the guitar but he has also made several albums with other sound sources including "Map Dot Fingerprint" on Kovorox Sound which was made using only a shortwave radio and "The Study of Cycles" which contained only the sound of his voice.

The majority of his recent work has been released through his own Lefthand Pressings imprint which he founded in 2006.

A keen collaborator, he continues to work with Brian Lavelle, although they no longer use the name Inversion; the duo released a new album, "Disused" in 2007 and have begun work on an Inversion archive release.

Crosbie also works extensively with Andrew Paine, Alec Cheer, Lea Cummings (as White Against This Sky) and Ruaraidh Sanachan (as Eye Shaking Kingdom) as well as appearing with Opaque at a handful of live shows.

His "Musicforshipwrecks" was released by Afe in October 2008.