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lips vago: transparent life

Artist: Lips Vago
Title: Transparent Life
Format: C46 tape ltd. to 10 numbered copies in handmade plastic covering with inserts 
Tracks: 5
Playing time: about 46:00
Release date: September 1995
File under: New Electronica

Note: This item is sold out.


Track List:

Side A

1.  Human  19:12
2.  Looking Forward  4:02

Side B

1.  Loop 167  3:21
2.  "P" is for Princess  5:47
3.  Transparent Life  14:04


In the true original spirit of Afe Records, only 10 copies of this tape were made, and all of them were given free to friends.

The tape was housed in a handmade plastic covering held together by a green rope presenting two electric terminals screwed around its ends.

Each tape contained a different photograph and a printed insert. All the tracks presented here were recorded in August and September 1995.