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mathieu ruhlmann: as a leaf or a stone

foxy digitalis []
webzine, usa, november 2010

The majority of the sound sources used in this album are what most people would usually consider to be non-musical. Bubble wrap, plants, insects, cooking utensils, glass, metal and water are among the sonic ingredients listed.

While there is plenty of crackling and scraping that one would expect from such recordings, there's still some sort of a natural drone underneath most of the six tracks, which holds everything together, and keeps it from sounding like more than just a recording of some household items.

And yet it's still quite minimal. Things get more mysterious at the end of "Aanden" when a soft female voice starts singing in a foreign language. The result is a puzzling piece of audio where you're not sure what you're hearing even when the answer is right in front of you.

[Paul Simpson]