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fhievel: pipe smoking on a balloon

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website, usa, november 2008

Last Fhievel's effort to date, "Pipe Smoking On a Ballon" carries on Luca Bergero's excursion in acousmatic and sound art territories. This effort demonstrates Luca Bergero's impressive capacity to combine natural ambient sources with digital processes and circular droning textures.

The introduction track is made of suspended electronic signals covered by an avalanche of eerie crashing noises. This is a slow moving piece, deeply suggestive that illustrates a nocturnal reverie in deep environmental space.

Without transition the second piece provides subtle linear gestures in real abstraction obliterated by minimal concrete effects. In the background we can also perceive shadowy droning undulations. The track is gradually dissolved by atmospheric crackles and brutish (but not to much) electronic treatments. An other reflective and delicate ambient piece focused on decayed sound fragments and on an elaborate dissection of concrete natural sounds.

The last composition closes the album with a quiet, meditative and mysterious minimalist piece using electro-acoustic treated sources and drawing semi-melodic lines that are flowing in a dreamy, spacious landscape. An other important document that stresses Luca Bergero's alchemic sense of writting.

[Philippe Blache]