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alistair crosbie: musicforshipwrecks

gothtronic []
webzine, the netherlands, june 2009

Transported through metal tubes and water the sound emerges with a spacious vastness. Swirling drones sounding like a voice and organ with lots of reverb. The expanding sound is mesmerizing and curls gently into your ear where it seems to reverberate. Slowly "Sirenmusic" unfolds and a slight melody appears in the twilight of these drones.

"Musicforshipwrecks" is the third in a series after "Musicfordrowning" and "Musicforlighthouses" and now Alistair Crosbie has decided to do a fourth part of this series.

Alistair Crosbie is a highly productive Scottish musician with a huge discography and a lot of collaborations with people like Brian Lavelle with whom he founded Inversion in 1993.

Spacious guitar drones are taking you from the deep ocean to the surface where you can hear the waves. The sound of the waves are swelling and subliminal tones fluxing in the swirling watery drones. Like a smooth blanket "Saltwatermusic" sinks over you and make you feel comfortable and relax.

The slow crackling sound of huge metal plates is transported through the water in "Rustmusic", a perfect chosen name. Remember those moments in Das Boot when they got stuck in the street of Gibraltar and they hear the partitions break. This track is like a slow motion version of these scenes. Last track "Elegymusic" stays in the same vein and ends this deep ambient CD almost melodic.

Alistair Crosbie has made some quiet glacial or isolationist ambient that slowly evolves and is very relaxing. The sound goes deep and is absorbing in which you can get lost easily. Let Alistair take you to the depths of the cold ocean to find some wrecks with this nice CD packed in a beautiful cardboard.