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gydja: helchemy

heathen harvest []
webzine, usa, august 2009

Gydja, the eternal priestess, she who carves moonlit shadows, nourishing the fountains of the heights and the depths has chosen Abby Helasdottir as one of her voices to weave the spell of her resounding trance into the fabric of the human realm. Intoxicating pendulums awaken the door to the key of eternity.

Exploring points of the vast endless seas, to concoct potions of ecstatic ascendance for the soul, she presents us with "Helchemy" beckoning to the surface the three in one and the one in three through the vehicle and formula of the Teutonic goddess Hel, she who conceals the mysteries of the three stages of the grand alchemical formula.

Hel or Hele literally meaning to conceal, this idea also associated with the Christian sentiments of hell in the physical body it is the hidden god, the subconscious, the state that informs phenomenal existence and the keys which admit to the kingdoms of understanding and silence.

We begin this journey with "The Spirit of the Earth With Venom Intoxicate". This is the venom of the goddess as her consciousness is stirred, she unwinds, imagining visions as she ascends, breathing life into the centers of consciousness as their rapture implodes, birthing flowers, which shine with the undreamt colors of the dreamless existence, her sacred venom erupts, shining with the blackness of the union of understanding and wisdom, through the sacred wounds of the Sahasrara morphing through the brahmarandra, striking the heart of her beautiful raptures...

This state is bestowed upon the priestess as the elixir is secreted, imbibed, absorbed and gleams through her eye of flesh, speaking in tongues of the highest gnosis. This would be the ultimatum of the sacrosanct celebration.

The second enchantment forms itself from "The Black Sea, the Black Lune, the Black Soll", which in truth forms not only the agents of this black art, but the formulas and instruments of the Royal Arte Par Excellence. The Black Sea, the Black Moon and the Black Sun, The conjoined Sun and Moon invoke the intoxifying glory of the earth and to the earth, as they dance in oracular spasms, the brilliance of the Yod, the Pe and The Daleth, rejoicing in hidden joys and abandonments.

The Black Seas are summoned and shoot forth their venom as the speech of their backward luminosity vibrate the Visshuda uttering forth the word as it informs the way to numinous orgasms.

I recommend this fashioning of art to all of the blood and to those who desire the blood of the Ancients to streak through their veins illuminating ones being to shine with the darkest light. The formation of notes, opening the gateways of liberations beyond and within the earth, all who enjoy the reality behind the image and the word, should experience this offering of wisdom.

The packaging is otherworldly and depicts the formula in tantalizing rich tapestries of becoming. These keys are designed by the pythoness, within her divine artistry she has sacralized the essence of her art in visual form, the music and the doorway which exists, shall be entered...

[Jhon Longshaw]