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horchata: acytota

gothtronic []
webzine, the netherlands, june 2009

Horchata is the music project of Michael Palace, who is also a scientist at the Complex Systems Research Center at UNH. You would assume that his music is therefore clinical clicks'n'cuts, but it is more in the field of experimental soundscapes, some more organic than others.

With "Acytota" he creates 16 tracks with a duration of around an hour. An acytota is a non-cellar organism, so this album does has some kind of scientific approach. The tracks have an individual sound world, but connect together as a whole.

A lot of the tracks are aided with deep drones, which creates a sense of dimension. There are also a lot of more experimental sound structures to be found. What works nicely is that here and there some string elements and reverberating piano sounds are worked into some tracks.

Halfway the album we get a nice reverberating string like soundscape with "RNA". This works very great and has a rather emotional backbone. The album ends with the experimental cut-up soundscape "Acytota", which could also be the fast rewind sound of the complete album.

Again a winner for Afe Records with another high quality release. Interesting soundscapes and a real feeling of immersion. Go get it now!