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maurizio bianchi / m.b. & maor appelbaum: innervation

heathen harvest []
webzine, usa, september 2009

This release is a collaboration between Maurizio Bianchi and Maor Appelbaum.

Maurizio Bianchi is more than a legend in contemporary electronica, he is beyond good and evil by now in what respects to creative effort, he has surpassed all genres and styles, has reinvented and deconstructed himself, has even recessed from doing music during years and has come back again fresh and rejuvenated. With a vast discography and extensive musical career as sound sculptor and textural colonizer Bianchi is more alive than ever.

"Innervation", released by the excellent Italian label Afe Records, is the third work in conjunction with the also veteran Jewish sound engineer Maor Appelbaum dedicated to different projects during his career amongst them his self investigations with sound textures and noise, an EBM band called IWR, a Black metal drone act called Thy Mesmerized and other electronic outfits such as Lunisolar, Vectorscope, Screening and a Doom metal band called Moonskin.

"Innervation" is half way eccentricity and other half a serious sonic study in the camp of Electro-Neurology going into the camp of the sounds inscribed in the nerve transmissions through the body region. The infinite discharge of electronic orders coming from the brain to conform what we call life and movement, action and thought, but as serious this may sound the ultimate sound from all this presentation sounds as what it ultimately is, an immense bubble of energy flowing and streaming through fibres with a unique receiver... the listener.

The work steps into two territories, first and more importantly goes the Noise direction, constructed in chained layers of harsh electric buzzing and ultra high frequencies and secondly and as result from the amount of different frequency tone transmitted, energetic vibrations and waves of magnetic buzz a whole structure of high pitched tonalities, electrifying layers and textures comes as the ultimate form and concretion for ambience, offering dissimilar sonic perceptions to the listener as the multi formed sonority of a colossal airport with thousands of jet engines working altogether like in "Efferent" to the irradiating and more typically noise piercing "Motor" that contains these penetrating textures made of high frequencies receiving the varying pulsation of drilling like bolts of energy through them and forming a whole structure of layers coming and going.

The reverberation and manipulation of these frequencies often induce on the listener a dizzy spell or a mental vacuum where he lose his mind in translation only to recover it later finding himself ten minutes older on the new track.

Tracks are interconnected during transition, usually using the leftover traces of the previous track to continue the elaboration of a new set of structures. Texture becomes fundamental in the application of the study; the intensity of the frequencies marks the dynamism for each track and its particular identity adapting for the listener a subtle movement that result ambiguous nevertheless.

Particularly, each track presents a mainly static function showing the energetic continuity of "Innervation" just like the flow of an electric power plant. In the end the tracks diminishes its aural impact as result from the counteractive effect from repetition.

"PNS (Peripheric Nervous System)" and then "Sensory" comprehends everything that was exposed beforehand and the listener slowly fades off in drowsy disinterest or simple annoyance. Perhaps all is a side effect from being magnetically overcharged and aligned with the eruptive frequencies coming from the speakers after more than a hour, our attention dissolves and finally decays.

Most of the work presents very interesting sequences and most special textures that circumvent the noise paradigm and reach the ambient territory but after a while and as the ear and senses accustomed the impression and expectancy on the aural drilling dissapears in a continuous buzz of white noise where perhaps synchronization between our own electrical current and the aural performance becomes one unidentifiable unity.

As a collaborative effort its clear that the two sound explorers fits each other shoes, their well conceived amalgam of Noise ambience is certainly moving and engulfing but time and over exposition can knock down the most dedicated listener, but perhaps that is all what the process of "Innervation" aurally displayed by Bianchi & Co. is about?

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