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john hudak: miss dove, mr. dove

musique machine []
webzine, u.k., november 2009

John Hudak is an American sound artist and mood setter, and "Miss Dove, Mr. Dove" find him creating this strange eerier, childlike and hypnotic lengthy piece from manipulated recordings of doves.

The hour long piece sounds a bit like either haunted and slowed child vibe of xylophone weaves, slowed and creepy Gamelan high pitch pitter-patters, or stuck creepy music box dwells.

For the whole piece Hudak just keeps circling these patterns of strange creepy sonic pitter-patters tones/tinkles; which in itself doesn't sound very appealing or rewarding, yet he mangers to really pull you into the sound and creepy you out at the same time.

With the track's eerier/uneasy child like patterns and haunting harmonic trails hypnotizing you into this strange haunted and uneasy nursery type feel/vibe; like you're stuck in some vast playroom of uneasy and childhood nightmares.

"Miss Dove, Mr. Dove" is an highly effective minimalistic and chilling childhood atmospheric tinged hour long piece that very effectively sucks you into it's half-lite and uneasy sonic world. And it really shows Hudak considerable talent as a sound artist to take something as simply as dove bird song and turn it in to this eerier and hypnotic piece.

[Roger Batty]