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john hudak: miss dove, mr. dove

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webzine, italy, april 2009

I'm sure John Hudak is without doubt one of those artists many of you should have heard mentioned here and there if you're into experimental music and/or in sound art. This guy from Massachusetts has some interesting works on several labels like Alluvial Recordings, and/OAR, Korm Plastics, Aesova, Intransitive Recordings, Digital Narcis, Presto!? and many others.

Despite the fact I just own his CD on and/OAR, I've had the chance to listen to a couple of his past recordings and if you're urgently looking for a label to identify his music let's begin by saying most of his works for many of you/us may sound abstract whatever it means.

According to my own opinion his personal style is basically oriented toward a sort of "tiny" sounds-minimalism (OK, I swear I'll never write such a bullshit again, so please forgive me!). This effort is based on a field-recording of birds made in Czech Republic during the summer of 2007, and later manipulated and reshaped via software in order to create a coherent composition.

Suggestion of the liner notes or not, after having read the sound-source are birds it all made more sense, but I write it just for those of you who want to know the hows and whys of a weird CD. Infact if I had to base the review just on the music I'd write this and interesting, abstract soft piece of pointillist-minimalism.

I suggest you to do a field-recording of birds yourself, you'll be amazed by the discovery those tiny animals emit sounds in a really rhythmical manner, add Hudak recorded it all from an adjacent building to that from which the sound of the birds where coming that means he has to deal with a great amount of echo.

This American sound artist sticks to the minimalist dogma of reducing the music to a really small number of sounds, thus if you're looking for hyper-sophisticated releases I guess that's not exactly suitable with your taste, but if you're in the ranks of those who are able to sit down patiently and listen to the developing of a minimal composition, I think this is definitely worth of a shot.

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