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mortar: amon vs. mortar

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website, usa, january 2009

The final project saw the light in 2008 but it is initially based on Mortar's previous materials recorded in 1996. Andrea Marutti (Amon) provided some additional sound materials and mixed the ensemble. All tracks are by Amon / Mortar in duet except "Part III" by Mortar and "Part IV" by Amon.

Musically speaking it reveals an aesthetic-mystical peak experience based on primal expressive / static droning textures. "Part I" introduces a deeply spacious electronic ambience. In metaphorical terms it connects us within the universe, suggesting the presence of a tellurian breath that surrounds us. As human we seem to vibrate with the divine (communion) and the music is the communicative medium.

"Part III" is an almost goth-like ambient piece covered by micro-noisy injections, harmonious electronic echoes. "Part IV" certainly represents the highlight of the album with a superb ambient funereal theme dominated by detached-desolate-phantomatic organ chords (closed to Tangerine Dream's "Zeit").

This album is a difficult listening for neophytes but reveals some astonishing, otherwordly parts that can be perceived as real nocturnal-dreamy invocations for curious listeners. A very special, immersive sound environement that should not be missed and has to be listened in appropriate conditions and circonstances.

[Philippe Blache]