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horchata: coleoid

musique machine []
webzine, u.k., march 2008

"Coleoid" is a collection of eerier, hope smothering, bell and bass like harmonics drone tracks, which seems to drill deep into ones psyche souring and greying your mood. As the covers illustration suggests like the slow melancholy and hopeless crawl of slugs in endless dank tunnels.

The tracks seemingly start with a drone loop then just loop and smearing there dour tones over and again into your mind, with some slight sonic shifts in the sound textures ever so often along the way.

It sounds like the track have been created by either manipulated singing bowls, bells, bass or deep synth holds.

This has to be one of the bleakest, hopeless and dreary selection of tracks I've come across, really draining every drop of hope, light and joy from around you.

A deeply negative and lightless album that should be approached with caution and is not advised if you're feeling particular down or suicidal.

[Roger Batty]