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bestia centauri: teratogenesis

gothtronic []
webzine, the netherlands, july 2007

When chaos is becoming cosmos and the constellations find their place in the endless universe between nebulas and wormholes Bestia Centauri, which now is called constellation Lupus, found its place near Alpha Centauri. In the dark physical matter of Bestia Centauri lurks an indescribable force, calling those who are receptive to its nature. Hear: Cthulu is calling you!

Inspired by writers of weird fiction such as H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe, Bestia Centauri makes metaphysical music from chaotic patterns and rewrite history of existence in new symphonies of energetic flowing sound textures, encapsulating the mysteries of the numinous.

"Teratogenesis" is taking you over the abyss for an interstellar ride, back to the first day where myths were born and R'lyeh was build. The name Bestia Centauri is named after Tangerine Dream's album "Alpha Centauri" from 1971. The almost black and white representation of that star seeded a fascination with that region of the cosmos. Musically there are also tangent planes with Tangerine Dream.

Feeling surrounded by the ancient ones I listened to this record in fearful fascination. Foe full sounds from distant constellations making you dream of an Antarctic city far underground. At first, this is not an easy album and it takes a few turns before you will get to the essence of this recording. The music or sounds are cosmic and deep, giving you the feeling like flying between nebulas and meteors.

"Teratogenesis" need to be experienced with all your senses, not just with your ears. Let the sound take control and feel what it does to the body and your consciousness. Fluxing patterns shifting constantly, penetrating your mind and giving the psyche a massage. This is a record with dark atmospheric sounds and a psychedelic ambience. Meditative pulsations and a lost melody hidden in moving sounds of a liquid wrinkling galaxy.

Although the tracks seem exchangeable, there are different spheres to trace. Sometimes it is like listening to the birth of a star, the shaping of the nucleus. The music is oppressive but also silent and peaceful sometimes; it moves constantly and is not to catch in one simple description. I hope you get curious enough to try this album yourself because there are not enough words to this mysterious silver disc that keep hold of my CD player for a few days already.